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Physicians in our ime network:


Victor J. Thomas, MD Steven E. Kann, MD
Paul A. Liefeld, MD Jeffrey N. Kann, MD
Brian F. Jewell, MD Gerard J. Werries, MD
Mark J. Langhans, MD Michael R. Pagnotto, MD
Christopher E. Emond, MD


PM & R:

Marc J. Adelsheimer, MD

Paul S. Lieber, MD


Occupational Medicine:

Lloyd K. Richless, MD



Christ A. Balouris, MD

Michael P. Schneider, MD

Jeffrey S. Karlik, MD


General Surgery:

John A. McKeating, MD

Lawrence C. Biskin, MD


Pulmonary/Internal Medicine:

Stephen G. Basheda, DO


Family Medicine:

Michael P. Hahalyak, DO